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The positive Effects of Quantum Energetics on Concussions and Brain Injuries

Posted on February 2, 2011 at 8:52 PM
The Positive Effects of Quantum Energetics Structured Therapy on Concussions and Brain Injuries
There are over 2 million sports injuries and concussions each year. Unfortunately, 85% of concussions are never diagnosed as researchers have reported in medical journals. Although most concussions tend to resolve on their own doctors are finding that it could take many months and even years before  the brain function returns completely  back to normal depending on the injury.
Many high school athletes who ignore the symptoms of a concussion risk serious long-term brain damage.  High school athletes are often tempted to keep symptoms like persistent headaches, blurry vision and light sensitivity to themselves in order to remain in the game so they can play and not let their teammates down.
The following is a video story about Kevin Saum,the captain of the West Morris Central football team in 2006 who kept his blinding headaches a secret from his coach and trainer and ended up having emergency brain surgery. Though he dreamed of playing college football, Saum will never play contact sports again. Most people think of football and ice hockey when they think of concussions however,cheer leading has also become one of the most dangerous sports for head injuries as told in this video.
(See-Video by Nyier Abdou/The Star-Ledger)
How can QE (also called Quantum Energetics Structured Therapy, QEST)effect concussions and brain trauma?
We find that QE is a holistic, non-invasive approach of working with the energy body to improve general health. 
Various procedures that include light touch and breathing help to re-establish disrupted energy patterns, so the body can begin needed repairs—previously delayed.
There are several different code systems inherent in Quantum Energy Structured Therapy, QEST that identify specific conditions and energy frequencies with fractures, tears, microscopic or energetic separations, inflammation, areas of toxicity, and more that are related to the brain and body functions. As each code is found and the appropriate corrective procedure is completed it is then programmed into the corresponding brain center. This saves the correction and appears to allow the physical body to heal naturally and operate at a higher level.
After working with QE, many people have reported increased emotional stability, mental clarity, improved energy and vitality. Others have also been relieved from depression, anxiety, and irritability,disease, injury and pain. We've seen positive changes with those who have learning disabilities, some instances of improvement with IQ, and even changes post QEST on EEG.
Everyone can benefit from QE/QEST and the corrective procedures even if they have never suffered a clinically diagnosed head injury.
For more information feel free to call Andrea Reuth 619-857-5238 or  e-mail [email protected]

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Reply JayeM
1:31 AM on February 25, 2011 
Great post! This is an informative eye-opener for those who tend to ignore injuries like it never happened (like me). Taking steps to prevent long-term damage should be a no-brainer.
Reply ReuthA
10:36 PM on March 1, 2011 
Very informative.
Reply Plexus Slim
10:10 AM on April 4, 2012 
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10:10 AM on April 4, 2012 
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Thanks for sharing...keep writing!!!
Reply Armando Martin
8:19 AM on November 5, 2012 
I feel great to learn very important lessons about QE/QEST. To stay on the game reducing effect of various negative symptoms QE/QEST is very effective. Thanks
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5:07 PM on December 2, 2012 
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Reply The Chemist Shop
7:47 AM on December 11, 2012 
The video explains clearly how Quantum Energetics helps cure our Brain trauma. Also it helps increase stability of mind. The benefits are really good and people in need must definitely try them.
9:32 AM on December 12, 2012 
That's great news! I think that all scientists in this sphere are very amazing people. Just watch the video above! That's very smart person!
1:57 AM on December 21, 2012 
I'm truly grateful and really impressed.
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12:11 PM on February 6, 2013 
You have researched a lot on Effects of Quantum Energetics.Is there any side effects of this healing therapy.
Reply Andrea Reuth
6:08 PM on February 6, 2013 
treatment of osteoporosis says...
You have researched a lot on Effects of Quantum Energetics.Is there any side effects of this healing therapy.

Thank you for your comments. There are absolutely no side effects with this Quantum Energetics. The work repairs the energy needed for the body to naturally repair itself. Please call me if you would like to discuss in detail.
Reply Naturopathy Courses
4:57 AM on February 21, 2013 
I am impressed by your discussion over Brain Injuries. I was not aware of these facts. The video was also helpful.
3:48 AM on February 26, 2013 
Repair itself at a more rapid pace and maintain the integrity of the energy work.
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