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Our goal is to share the life-changing benefits of hemp-based cannabidiol (CBD) with every individual and family and empower you to do the same for your community.

Kannaway has a worldwide following and a team of experienced, passionate brand ambassadors representing their products.

Kannaway built this following by offering some of the highest quality CBD HEMP Oil products that are triple lab tested and grown organically/botanically in Europe.

We believe that everyone deserves a life full of prosperity and personal wellness. We maintain a focus on ideal nutrition and healthy choices with our all natural ingredients, CBD hemp oil, and proprietary herbal blends combined into each product and support success among all levels of the Kannaway Family.

A Company of Firsts......

First to create a mainstream natural botanical CBD brand.

First to launch a respected Cannabinoid supplement.

First to develop strict quality standards through rigorous lab testing.

First Direct Sales company to offer Hemp products.

First Company to use Hemp to combat aging skin problems and low vitality.

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My Testimonial and experience about using the CBD Hemp Oil from Kannaway is a wonderful experience. I originally was not interested because I thought it would have THC in it and it would be taking me away from my spiritual awakening and my high vibration that I always maintain in order to service my clients.

I was given a sample by my friend who is a massage therapist that was a distributor for the Kannaway company and I was also given a video that educated me about the different types of CBD out in the marketplace and their quality.

Once I saw the video and became more educated on the product I felt confident in trying the CBD Hemp Oil Product. I immediately felt a calming of my nervous system, clear focus, improved sleep, and increase in my energy.

I also used the CBD Hemp Salve and as soon as I put it on my spine and my knees it intermediately cleared my pain. I can totally feel a difference on the Kannaway CBD Hemp oil and Salve. I love the fact that it is only 0.03 percent THC so it is very healthy and does not cause you to get high.

Kannaway also makes a non THC CBD Hemp oil that is THC free for anyone who has to take a drug test for work. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for better health.

I became a distributor immediately and now have almost all of my clients using the Kannaway CBD oil and Salve as well. They are all very happy with the results. If you are interested in the CBD Hemp Oil from Kannaway please click on my link and order from my other website www.kannaway.com/8575982

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