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Spiritual Coaching

Hand with Earth and Life Purpose Coaching and Career Counseling

Are you wondering what you are really supposed to be doing with your life, and what your purpose is? What really is your calling? Are you afraid to leave the job or career that you are unhappy with because you are worried you won’t be able to make a living doing what fills your heart with joy?

Are you settling for less because you are not sure how to take the first steps to fulfilling your spiritual purpose? Are you doing what you love and want to know what steps to take to expand it? Do you feel like you could use some Spiritual guidance?

You came to this Earth to fulfill a  Mission that only you can fulfill in a unique and special way. When you begin to understand what that mission is and take the steps to move in that direction then all the doors will open for you.

In addition to spiritual guidance I will help you to learn what the correct steps are that you will need to take in order to work in your life purpose. 

 I will work with helping you to discover any blocks that may need to be removed in order for you to be more successful in your career and life purpose. Feel free to call me for a 15 minute free consultation.

Types of Counseling that I offer:

*Self Employment or Business

*Career Counseling

*Problem Solving

*Life Purpose Coaching

*Taking Stepping Stones until You Get to Your Life Purpose

*Help With Job Searches

*What Are Your Innate Talents

*Deciding on a Job Offer

*How to Succeed in Your New Job

*How to Get a Promotion

*Healing from Work Trauma

*What Are Your Internal Beliefs Holding You Back

*Uncovering Hidden Conflicts in Your Career

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During the Spiritual Guidance, many things will be revealed that will guide you on the right path:

Deciding what action to take from where you are right now in order to move towards your life purpose

Knowing whether to wait, persevere, or walk away from your current job

Choosing between the job opportunities that are best for you

How to break through obstacles and blockages

How to resolve conflicts

Bringing things into focus and receiving clarity from confusion

Finding out what is holding you back from moving forward

How to avoid mistakes and self-sabotage

How to resolve old problems that seem to follow you from one career to the next

How to work as a team and encourage team members to be in the flow



I Service Sedona, AZ and the United States with  Global Long Distance Healing

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