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Basic Nutrition for a Healthy PH Balance

These nutritional products are available through a certified healthcare practitioner. Call 928-517-0958 or email me at [email protected] to place an order.

(Basic nutrients to maintain a healthy body, these are all live source with absolutely no toxins or fillers)

Premier Greens Powder $29.95 OR

Premier Green Caps$19.95

Contains every known vitamin, mineral, and enzyme necessary to sustain life. Cereal grasses may prove to be powerful agents to help restore and rejuvenate the DNA. Non Hybrid/Organic. May mix with organic Apple juice or put in a smoothie.

Premier HCL (90 caps) $13.95

Breaks down food for healthy digestion. (Fights bacteria, fungus and virus) If you are deficient in HCL you will absorb minerals less efficiently. Take after you eat within 15 minutes. Betaine Hydrochloric Acid and detox support. (If you have a really bad stomach and normally have acid reflux you can take GastroVen Tea (60 caps) $19.95 before the meal to prepare and heal the stomach lining before taking HCL. Take 2 capsules; empty into hot water to make into a tea; steep 5 minutes.

Max B-ND (2fl.oz) $21.95 or (8fl.oz) $79.95

Has all of the B’s. formula. Live source and nanized formula for faster delivery and better absorption. Start with ¼ Tsp. and put in a water container and slowly drink the water throughout the day. Anti-Aging, anti Stress, aids against depression. Fantastic brain, liver and adrenal support. Support for high energy and mood balance. Only live source B vitamin in America and fully methylated. Dr. Gabriel Cousins did a study on synthetic Vitamin B shots and showed oral liquid vitamins are absorbed faster into the body and more effective than B shots.

D-3 Serum (5 fl. Oz) $10.95 One of the only rich live sources of natural vitamin D completely synthetic and solvent free. Targeted immune and cardiovascular support. Must have fat soluble vitamins to utilize and uptake minerals. Provides U.S.P. grade, mercury free D3 processed without harsh chemical solvents like hexane.

Coral Legend(2oz.) Powder $19.95 OR

Coral Legend Plus (90 caps) $24.95

100% Sango Marine Coral formula which contains highly ionized calcium, magnesium, and trace minerals for maximum absorption of minerals in the body . Perfect calcium to magnesium ratio of 2:1 One of the few sources that does not contain lead or other contaminants. Gets the PH up and is easy to digest. (*Do not take if going through chemo, radiation, or have kidney problems).

Aloe Pro (32 oz.) $14.95

Certified organic, no preservatives. Helps the uptake of absorption of minerals; aids digestion; reduces inflammation; boosts immune system; regulates blood sugar. Fights parasites, yeast, fungus, bacteria, and virus. Helpful for excess mucus congestion. Helps improve ulcers. Tale 1-2 Tbs. with Premier Greens Powder/Caps or Coral Legend to help you absorb more of your minerals and in a sense giving you more nutrition for your money.

DHA Oil (60 caps) $21.95

Plant source. Support Brain, Nerves, Heart, and Eyes. Anti-Inflammatory. Big support of arteries and veins. Extra support for kidneys.

Pink Salt (12 oz.) $8.50

Raw Granules. Air dried. This is not like a commercial salt. It is highly ionized and high in electrolytes. Over 80 rich trace minerals. Makes HCL to aid in digestion. Relieves constipation. Take in the AM first thing 1 Tsp. with ½ organic lemon squeezed in warm water.

Nutrition for Inflammation and Cancer

Add to Basic Program 

Premier Chem Detox (60 caps) $21.95

A modified citrus pectin formula; provides full body detoxification of chemicals. A number of studies have shown stops cancer from metastasizing.

Medi- Clay Fx (90 caps) $24.95

Bentonite powder formula is a premier quality clay for whole body detox. Has been in cancer study trials and has been known for removing and detoxing all chemicals out of the body such as household chemicals, pesticides, insecticides, and heavy metals while leaving all of your fat soluble minerals alone. Cleans mold and micotoxins. It's function is to take out the bad stuff and leave all the good minerals.

*Liver-ND (8fl. oz.) $29.95 Live source and nanized formula for faster delivery and better absorption; premier detoxification and liver support. Acts as a pain reliever and anti-inflammatory. Nanized Milk Thistle and Turmeric. (May also use Max-ND as replacement- check with holistic practitioner)

*RenaVen (60caps) $28.95

Botanical kidney formula; premier detoxification and kidney support. Kidneys may filter up to 200 liters of blood a day. They say "your body is only as strong as your kidneys".

Resveratrol (8fl.oz) $39.95

Live source and nanized formula for faster delivery and better absorption, cultured resveratrol; premier antioxidant, super food for cardiovascular system, immune and anti-aging support. Activates longevity gene known to prolong life and health. Anti- tumoral properties. Agent for Apoptosis which kills off the bad cells. Has been used in countless cancer studies. Laboratory tests show it has kept cancer cells from sticking together. 

Green Tea ND (2fl.oz) $18.98 or (8fl.oz) $56.95

Live source and nanized formula for faster delivery and better absorption; premier anti-aging. Digestive, immune, and rejuvenation support. Good for the skin. Good for protection from radiation.

½ Tsp = polyphenol benefit of 20 cups green tea with nearly no trace of fluoride or caffeine concentrations. Protects DNA from radiation. Antioxidant. Excellent support for thyroid and parathyroid. Also excellent support for serious bone and joint cases.

Aloe Detox (16fl.oz.) $29.95

Whole leaf aloe arborescens, raw honey, and clay detox formula. Many researchers have found that it has more properties than the other aloe varieties for cancer and tumor treatment. Great immune system support. Used in cancer studies. Acts as an intestinal aide.

These nutritional products are available through a certified healthcare practitioner. Call 619-857-5238 or email me at [email protected] to place an order.

I use Kinesiology Muscle Testing to determine what product or daily amount of the PRL nutrition your body needs or could use to improve it's health. Call me to set an appointment so that I can help you.


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