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What is Quantum Energetics, QE,

Quantum Energy Healing Therapy, (QEST)

Quantum Energetics Structured Therapy?

We believe that QEST also known as QE is a holistic energy medicine that and works with the energetic body through energy healing to improve the immune system as well as general health.

Various procedures using muscle testing, and directional breathing help to re-establish disrupted energy patterns, so the body begins the needed repairs—previously delayed.

Quantum Energetics Structured Therapy has many testimonials with successful treatments for Concussions, Head Injuries, Neck and Back Injuries, Structural Injuries, Dental Ailments, Sleep Disorders, Immune Disorders, Circulatory Problems, Acne and Skin Problems, Intestinal and Digestive Disorders, Hormone Imbalances, Allergies, Fibroids and much more. We also work with Pets and Animals. Continued

Andrea Reuth, QESTP

Certified Practitioner

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I was first introduced to Quantum Energetics Structured Therapy as a client when I was on disability from work with Fibromyalgia in December 2000.

I was in severe pain above a level 10 with my neck and back every day,all day. I had absolutely no energy, severe insomnia, and was unable to think clearly. I was an emotional wreck . I was prescribed barbiturates for the pain which was unbearable. I could barely walk or drive.

Fortunately, I was referred by a dear friend to a student practitioner in Quantum Energetics just before my disability claim was about to expire in a week December 2001 and that would mean I would have to go back to work. How would I be able to handle a job when I could not handle any stress or think clearly?




Natural Healthy Ways to Relieve Stress, Anxiety, and Insomnia

sleep1 insomnia and stress relived by Quantum Energetics and Energy Healing

Many people are experiencing an alarming amount of stress in their lives with all of the current environmental and world changes that are going on right now. It is important to learn how to manage the stress so that it does not wreak havoc on our body and cause ill

health. Continued>>>>



Head Injuries


There are over 2 million sports injuries and concussions each year. Unfortunately, 85% of concussions are never diagnosed as researchers have reported in medical journals.

Football player image and Quantum Energy healing Therapy

Many high school athletes who ignore the symptoms of a concussion risk serious long-term brain damage. Quantum Energetics Structured Therapy works with the energetic brain to help correct head injuries and concussions. Continued>>>>


VegetablesQuantum Energy Healing Therapy

What are the Benefits of Juicing and Eating Raw Food?

What makes Organic Raw Foods important? Organic raw foods are free of pesticides and are in a natural unheated, uncooked state, thus giving the body a higher level of enzymes and vital nutrients to consume. Enzymes are proteins that aide the body in digestion and metabolism.



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I've never been informed on this Quantum Energetics type of Energy Medicine in San Diego and was certainly skeptical but, the pain was so intense I was open to anything.

I'm definitely not skeptical anymore. After just 5 sessions in a 3-day period with Andrea, 90% of the pain was gone. I am now 100% pain free.

Andrea's healing hands, muscle testing, and Quantum Energetics touch therapy provided some serious, immediate results and that's the truth!

Thank you Andrea! Now I can get back to work pain free.

Capt. Kevin testimonial for fractured ribs and Quantum Energetics and Energy Healing

Captain Kevin D.

San Diego, CA



I have suffered from lower back pain for 8 years due to a yoga injury. I tried acupuncture and chiropractic treatment but had no long term improvement in my symptoms. I went to Andrea after hearing about QE and after two sessions I am 99 percent pain free. For the first time in 8 years I can actually sleep on my stomach comfortably. I would recommend QE as an alternative medicine approach to health without hesitation.

Jenni C.

San Diego, CA



Rheumatoid & Osteoarthritis

osteoarthritis hands relieved by Quantum Energetics and energy Healing

An estimated 41 million Americans suffer from Rheumatoid Arthritis. According to a study from the Mayo Clinic, arthritis among women has been increasing steadily since 2005.

Osteoarthritis is more prevalent than rheumatoid arthritis and is 3 times more common in females than males. It is generally considered to be an age related disease affecting nearly everyone over the age of 60.


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